This problem can be caused by:

  • No read/send permissions for the bot in the current channel, please try to run the command in another channel or give the bot the Read Messages and Send Messages permission in the current channel
  • A wrong prefix usage, to get the current server's prefix you can mention @TimePlayed#3248 or use @TimePlayed#3248 as prefix for commands
  • The bot not being in the server you're trying to run the command in, reinvite the bot if it's not in your server anymore for some reason
If all of the above things don't work and the bot won't respond to !!help in PM, the bot is probably offline due to issues/maintenance. Before reporting the problem, please check the #outages channel in the support server to check if the issue is already known.

This can be caused by:

  • Wrong spelling, please try the topPlayed command to see if you spelled the game correctly
  • The bot only logging your playtime for a short period, the bot will start logging your playtime from the moment you accept to the Terms of Service.
  • Discord being turned off while playing, that way Discord won't know you are playing a game so the bot will also not be able to log your playtime
  • Not properly configured game detection, please read this article for Discord's game detection documentation

Simple answer:

I am logging your playtime with Discord presences, like you see in the memberlist on the right of Discord underneath usernames.
In Discord go to settings -> games to add games, if your Discord status shows you're playing a game TimePlayed will register your playtime.
More help about Discord game detection is located here.

Technical answer:

I'm logging your playtime in a MySQL database, in a table called playtime. This table contains the ID of the user, the game the user was playing, the date/time the user started playing that game, and the date/time the user stopped playing that game.
When someone starts playing a game, the bot inserts a row in the playtime table with the users's ID, the game the user is playing and the current date. When a user stops playing a game, the bot looks up that user in the playtime table and sets the end date to the current date. This way you can keep complete track of which games you were playing!

To get full access to the bot, you can become a donator on my Patreon page. There you can check out all different premium plans and choose the one that fits your server. Of course donating isn't required, but it is much appreciated.
Further instructions of premium membership are located in the #premium-info channel in the support server.

A full tutorial for role awards is located on this page.

By default, your playtime isn't logged until you accept to the Terms of Service. To change your privacy settings after accepting to the terms:

  • To change your privacy settings, please run the setPrivacy command. After running this command, further instructions will be given and then you will be able to change your privacy settings.
  • To erase all your data and prevent the bot from logging your playtime in the future, run the erase command. Be aware that this will erase all data I collected from you, so run at your own risk.

Still no answer?

If you're still having any trouble or unanswered questions, please contact me through the support server's support channels. You can join the support server by clicking down here, or clicking this link.