Welcome to my full command list. There are a few things you need to know:

  • () arguments are required, [] arguments are optional
  • My default prefix is !!, but if that prefix isn't working you can always use @TimePlayed as prefix
  • The [time] argument should be specified as a number with m/h/d/w behind it or as today, for example: !!topPlayed 5d
  • The (local/global) argument represents where you want to change your privacy setting, the global value applies the setting to all servers you're in, the local value applies the setting only to the server you ran this command in. Please note that the local value will always override the global value.
  • Send me a private message with the !!help (command name) command to get a list of command aliases and the full description of the command

Playtime commands

These are my public commands. Anyone can use them, without any extra permissions required.

Command Description Syntax PM support
timePlayed View your playtime, of a specific game or in a specific time period timePlayed [@user] [time] [game] yes
topPlayed Get a list of games you play the most topPlayed [@user] [time] yes
playing Get a list of people playing a game in the current server playing [game] no
afk Toggle your AFK status afk yes
lastPlayed Check when someone last played a game lastPlayed [@user] [game] yes
status View the status info of someone status [@user] yes
serverStats Get some interesting stats of this server serverStats [game] no

General commands

Command Description Syntax PM support
help Get a list of all my commands help yes
removeGame Completely remove a game from your playtime removeGame (game) yes
botinfo Get some cool information about me botinfo yes
invite Get a link to invite me to your server invite yes

Privacy commands

Command Description Syntax PM support
setPrivacy Change your playtime privacy settings setPrivacy no
acceptMessage Get a Terms of Service message everyone can react to acceptMessage no
accept Comfirm that you accept to my [Terms of Service]( accept yes
erase Erase ALL your playtime data erase yes

Admin commands

These are all of my server management commands. The administrator permission is required to run these commands, except for the !!showRoles command.

Command Description Syntax PM support
setConfig Change a value of the server config setConfig (key) (value) no
showConfig View the server config showConfig no
addRole Automatically assign roles to users when they reach a specified amount of playtime in a period of time addRole (@role/roleID/role Name) (time)/(time) [game] no
removeRole Remove a playtime role award removeRole no
showRoles Show the roles award in this server showRoles no

Role awards

Role awards? What does that mean?

The role award system is a very cool feature of my bot. It basically assigns roles to your server members when they reach an amount of playtime of a specific game. You can specify in what time period they need to reach the playtime (e.a. 10h per week/20h per month), which game they need to play to get the role (e.a. Overwatch), and the role they will get awarded when they reach the amount of playtime (e.a. @Overwatch Tryhard)

The easy way

Before reading this tutorial: there's an easier way to add role awards. You can add role awards using an easy GUI tool on your server dashboard. You should login, select a server and then you'll be able to easily manage role awards. So please try that tool out first, and if that doesn't work try the more complicated method!

Adding a role award

To add a role award, use the !addRole (@role/roleID/role Name) (time)/(time) [game] command.
Here's a better explanation of the argument types:

  • The @role/roleID/role name argument specifies the role you want to award to members. To make it simple I'd recommend you to simply use the role name (case sensitive) to add the role, or mention the role*
  • The time/time argument should be specified as two sinces, for example 3d/week. The first time specifies how long users need to play the game, the second time specifies the time period they need to play the game in.
  • The game argument simply specifies which game members need to play to get the role awarded.
*Make sure that the specified role is lower than the bot's role and the bot has the Manage Roles permission to assign roles to server members.

This may seem a bit complicated, if you still find it hard to understand please take a look at the example underneath.


Let's say I want users to be awarded when they play a lot of Overwatch. Let's say they need to play it 10 hours per week to get the Overwatch Tryhard role in my super dope Overwatch server.
To achieve this, I would have to run the command:
!!addRole Overwatch Tryhard 3d/week Overwatch (or whatever your prefix is).

That's it! If you have any feedback on this explanation or the role award system please let me know in the support server.